Panorama of the new collections The Sposa Group wedding dresses 2014

For the next season in 2014 , the collections The Sposa Group are renowned for their originality , with models breathtaking, highlighting the grace and sensuality of each type of feminine beauty. Both chic and varied, glamorous and delicate, these new collections were able to listen to the zeitgeist by offering lines, materials and colors that will sublimate silhouette brides. “A dress for every woman” is the motto of these collections reaffirm their stylistic identities , and I invite you to discover with this panorama . You will always find a dress that will seduce you!

Demetrios, "Esprit Couture"

Premium , the brand has enjoyed unprecedented success. glamorous and elegant in its lines, the brand pays homage to the standards of chic and put on the sparkle of rhinestones, pearls and a wide choice of materials and cuts . Symbol of prestige , dress Demetris is the elegance and sophistication incarnate !

Cosmobella 2014 "Bella come una Cosmobella"

In Cosmobella is all the combination of simplicity and sophistication found in this premium collection . Perfect illustration of glamor and romance , the collection relies on fabric choice (tulle, lace, satin …), women and creative cuts. Enough to make you an amazing bride!

Miss Kelly: "A timeless bestseller"

Encountering a free plebiscite each year, the collection Miss Kelly 2014 is no exception to the rule and uses the ingredients that made ​​its success by offering you the ultimate princess dress ! An incomparable quality at unbeatable rates ! More than a dress, a bestseller inter generational will make you even more eager to celebrate your wedding.

Kelly Star: "For the mysterious"

Kelly Star 2014 is a collection for future extravagant brides who want to offer grandiose : rhinestones, spacious, airy tulle … the star may be a majestic Kelly Star ! You will look like goddesses sublime straight out of the most enchanting myths.

Collector 2014 "The traditional dress of bride"

Collector 2014  is for women wanting  satin classic dresses, precious details of beads and delicate lace . The bustier to the small handle, the long tail round dress this range should undoubtedly the traditional wedding  !

Just For You: "Romanticism at affordable prices" JustForYou  offers this year a   “Lollipop” atmosphere . Distinguished by clean lines, slim, sleek frills, these  small modern satin dresses  attract all the brides. A  collection at a single price , and one of the  small price  advised the market!

Miss Paris: "The originality of the color"

Miss Paris 2014 you book off a shelf while a range of vibrant colors . The strengths of the collection? Of fantasy and Parisian identity . Many different colored models there are brides. The entire collection is also available in White and Ivory providing unbeatable value ! A line under the sign of originality for brides like no other!

Elianna Moore "Modern Harmony"

Creations  Elianna Moore  are the reflection of the latest trends in fashion and offer an alliance combining romanticism and modernity . With rich fabrics, shapes and details skillfully worked, Elianna Moore  offers more models always harmonious and worthy of the highest ranges.

Oréa Sposa "Sweet modernity"

Oréa Sposa is intended to highlight the curves and silhouette married modern and sensual. Both fashion and sophisticated, these lovely dresses are perfect for girls and women safe workings of their charms. Of models trends to get!

Divina Sposa "The elegance of Romanticism"

Divina Sposa 2014 is perfect for the conscious of her charms and her femininity . The result? A grace and glamor exacerbated structured to evoke the sensuality and will surely create a desire to be loved. Siren Divina Sposa wants with elegance and “couture” !


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