Professional tips for a perfect wedding hairstyle

The hairstyle is chosen depending on the style of your wedding dress and choose the day of your wedding atmosphere. Choosing your hairdresser is important. It is thanks to him that you will wear a sublime and original hairstyle, in line with the rest of your outfit and accessories. Remember that all hairstyles are possible from the moment they are in agreement with the complexion and face shape , style of dress, the universe and the desires of the bride.

New Trendiest Wedding Hairstyle Trends For The Season 2013-2014

◊ Wink trend

All news and hairstyles trends have emerged during Bridal Fashion Week. Of wreaths , the head jewelry , the headband , hats, veils sails revisited: they were all represented. These are the accessories that melt the heart of stylists and barbers brighten those who can customize your wedding hairstyle to suit your style . You just remember that the trend imposes natural.

New Trendiest Wedding Hairstyle Trends For The Season 2013-2014

◊ Accessories that we love

Be sure of one thing, the accessory is more sober than the result is pretty and not overplayed . One element can be more than sufficient to enhance your hairstyle. Hairstyles and make-up artists will tell you, follow your original idea and you do not disperse in several styles and ideas in a single salon.

Adding Hair Accessory

New Trendiest Wedding Hairstyle Trends For The Season 2013-2014

Here are some examples of accessories to slip into your hair:
• The small strips of rhinestones or pearls add a touch of glamor.
• A headband or small flowers for a rustic style.
• Accessorize a braid of satin ribbon or quilted flowers to harmonize country-style your hair.
• A pin in a bun for a vintage detail. Want to see pictures of vintage wedding hairstyles ?
• A hat slightly placed on a sophisticated bun .
• A veil to complete your outfit princess.

• Whatever the chosen hairstyle, made ​​months before D-Day and on a regular basis, care to have healthy and shiny hair.
• Make your coloring more than a month before the wedding day to be able to redo if it does not fit.
• Allow appointment at the hairdresser the day before the wedding to prepare the hair: shampoo, blow dry and finishing touches if necessary, as a shampoo-Day leaves the hair slippery and difficult to fix!

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