2014 Designer Prom Shoes

Original designer shoes, PromFormal manufactures specially thoughts shoes for all women … In the temple of the shoe, you will find what create harmony with your wedding dress or get the 2014 prom shoes with a custom color to match perfectly with your evening dress.

PromFormal shoes 2014

  • Creative

PromFormal has made ​​his passion a profession. Graduated from the School of Textile and Chemical Institute of Lyon, she began her career as a shoe designer for French manufacturer then decided to launch his own brand in 1998.

  • The Concept

They creates and designs all models of shoes starting from a base of white or ivory satin lined leather. The models are made ​​in Spain, and the originality of the concept lies in the fact to offer every bride, a dye and / or a bespoke customization before or even after marriage.

PromFormal shoes 2014

  • Custom handmade shoes

Colorist training, Mademoiselle Rose realizes each dye by hand, brush in his workshop.Precision work that immediately appealed to designers of wedding dresses with PromFormal who has, since the beginning of this specialization, in 1998, many lasting and stable partnerships. Also note, the heel protectors, an essential to protect your heel end and ensure a perfect fit Accessory!

PromFormal shoes 2014

  • The showroom

PromFormal receives brides and all women who wish to discover their creations in a warm and friendly place, only by appointment from Tuesday to Saturday. In the heart of PromFormal to the marsh, the showroom is like creations Mademoiselle Rose: glamorous and elegant.

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