Nude lace dresses 2012

* Nude * The shades are fashion colors, we might call “the new black “because today is a safe bet for any type of event at any time of day and year. It looks great both summer and winter and almost perfectly yet so it is certainly a tendency to take into account.

If we add another nude year’s trends, the lace, you can get looks fantastic. Today I would like to talk of dresses nude lace, undoubtedly one of the biggest trends of 2012 and this ahead of the spring-summer ravage anywhere in the planet. Take note of these tips combine lace dresses *nude *:

– * Elegance *: They are very versatile and elegant dresses, so the Success is assured as long as you put it. Ideally, you have to least one in your wardrobe for those special occasions you need a garment elegant and sophisticated but not be too pompous.

– * Black *: The nude and black tones that succeed are separately and together when you get a look ravishing. Factor in your dress, for example, a black belt or a silk ribbon also in that color.Ideally, both are wide to enhance your waist.

– * Shoes *: Also you will be great in black and is also the safest bet. You can combine it with shoes or sandals and you be much better if they are heels or platform. The peep-toes will also be great. The range of browns and golds also combined superbly with the nude.

– * Add *: ​​For both day and night going to a great clutch, either in black or brown. If at night I recommend have some little detail like a gold buckle, a brooch or necklace. XL rings will also combine very well.

– * Apparel *: During the cold season the best option is to get also a blazer, and if male style much better. In summer You can also use a summer blazer in any styles.

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