Girls Mint Green Skirt

The mint green arrived, and was captivated. I can not deny that it was the color of the year, as far as clothing, accessories and even decor is concerned. That kind of green water course also binds to the tendency of the pastel .

The mint green is definitely the color of the year.

A garment to feel very feminine and of course very fashionable is a mint green skirt. They come in a variety of models (the asymmetric is what is causing a stir) and the combinations you can achieve are endless. I’ll show some style to your look!

Asymmetric skirt mint green

The asymmetrical skirts did not convince me much at first, but I have to confess that after seeing them on the runways loved. In prints, neutral colors, very long or short, are a “must” for the season. What better to show off the color that we won?

Asymmetrical Skirt in mint green print blouse goes well with

Fabrics like chiffon (skirt as pictured) or gauze are good because they have a nice drop and give you a great feeling of lightness and freedom. Perfect if you carry a print blouse!

With black is always good, especially if it’s a night out. Wear it with stilettos and you’ll look.

Skirt mint cakes

The pastel trend may not have gone unnoticed by you. It is a soft, youthful and very fresh also wants to enhance the feminine delicacy, so go one day and take a look fully pie.

Mint green skirt in pastel trend

Your mint green skirt with a blouse will be perfect cream if you want to look a little more formal. Are you up for a mint colored shoes too? You can choose any color pie (cream, pink, blue) and choose all other accessories in that color.

Playing with greens

An alternative that I love, and that makes me think of a very dark look, is the mixture of different shades of green, turquoise and even reaching here. Notice the game even with the collar.

Mix shades of green with a mint green skirt

The nude shoes go perfectly with a skirt in mint green.

Mint green skirt XL

Do not wear a miniskirt provokes you by now? The XL version, will fascinate you. I suggest a pleated skirt that is also very fashionable. Wear it with sandals camel or nude color. No problem if such flats because skirts help elongate the legs.

Mint green skirt XL

You can go for a walk around town with it, or go to the movies. Choose an accessory (like the bag pictured) in a contrasting color to lift the look. Of course it can also be short and pleated …

Mint green pleated skirt

Mint green skirt tube

With wishes to see very sophisticated but with a hint of sweetness? This outfit is what you want.This mint colored pencil skirt with a simple blouse broderie white trend. The platform silver sandals are perfect if you want to excel.

Although you can also combine it with a strong color. Purple is a perfect addition to show your fashion sense. Search textures and experiment a little. Remember that the laces are gaining ground in dresses and skirts.

Mint green short skirt

If you want a very casual look, try this combination. If you like short skirts jean mix it with a jacket and slippers (hey, they are female).

What was your favorite combination? Got your mint green skirt?

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