Luxury Nails: Beautiful acrylic nail designs with rhinestones

We all love to look beautiful and stylish nails as it is the ideal of a feminine appearance, although it seems to be just a minor detail, nail design has become a necessity and above all a way to show your personality.

If you feel a princess, are elegant and sophisticated, then I recommend using new acrylic nails with rhinestone sure that the designs will take your breath away!

Shine with acrylic nails

Before, everything was simpler, not many colors at your disposal and basically had to choose between red and brightness, fortunately those days are over, now you enjoy with thousands of options for your nails, according to the occasion, to your clothes and to your style.

Even now you can opt for acrylic nails with rhinestones, they go perfectly with the jewelry you use. They are perfect for a couple, a teenager or any formal commitment.

The complement your look glam rhinestones, for example in this picture the design is simple but no less impressive. Not only is a bit of glitter if not a design in relief that is perceived from afar.Sophisticated and elegant, definitely a princess look.

Create your own style of nails with rhinestones

Today there are thousands of nail salons specialize in, many of them allow you to, including, customize the layout of your nails. If you consider the stones then I’ll show you some models that you should consider.

If you love the color pink, then you should consider this design. Did you notice that the new trends indicate that a nail may be different from the others? That style is fashionable, dare your nails with crazy designs, elegance, obviously, is assured.

Note that you can toggle the rhinestones with beautiful colored gems, further highlights the design and is not overloaded, if not the opposite, very feminine and not only can you use it for special occasions, I think this design can use a week in the office.

Do not just take the classic square models also cheer for a point. My advice is always, to try to innovate, do not settle for what we all do, or what you all are, you dare more. Look at this model, I love, you can use the color that best fits your needs and according to the clothing you use is your choice!

If you deal well with long nails, then this design is for you. Use long nails is an art, it’s like walking along with tacos, not everyone can, but if in your case you are an expert on long nails, then I recommend this model.

Nails short and shining

Do not be discouraged if, like me, do not handle very well with long nails, you can ask your specialist acrylic nails fit for comfort, because to me has happened before, with long nails that I can not use either the computer keyboard.

Gems, gems and more gems, I love them because they are female and fantastic look that look good even with short nails! Combine gems with jewelry you use, you also avoid the need and use any ring because your hands will look elegant on their own.

A friend told me that she chose the gems you want to use, there are many shops selling gem sand colored stones, you can go to buy and ask your specialist to put them. There are sites that teach you how to do it alone, but I recommend that you leave the job to an expert, as it requires a special glue.

You can make special designs according to the festivities, this is required for Christmas, you can make your own for Halloween went?A very feminine design in rhinestones and different I really loved it!

Now that you know all about nails with rhinestones What are you waiting for? Dare to look like a princess from the nails.


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