How to combine my tights with design and color?

It’s very cold, but I want to use my old jeans! I want something new, different, fashionable, but not die trying. If the same happens, then I tell them I’ve found the perfect solution for regal see us with a look of winter unique and chic. For this, they have to go to the nearest place to find a cute pair of tights that are in any trend.

The best thing is that there are different designs that can give us the best looks, without making a mega production. So be attentive to all the tips I share in this note. Not only see models pantyhose, but how to carry options, go to the shows!

Different colors in half tights

  • Basic colors in pantyhose

Remember when we bought our moms panty’s in solids with pretty dresses?, Because let me tell you they were the most fashionable. This option, in solids, it is combined with everything we have in mind for dresses, pants, shorts, fishing and more.

Especially the black or white are the colors of the season. And you can choose to combine different clothes to make a great contrast or use all one color to prolong our figure, for example, wear black shoes with tights in the same color.

  • Many colors in pantyhose

But if they are riskier and are looking to put more life into the outfit, then have a choice of different bright colors. From pink, purple, blue, green and may build as the color block trend, navy, funky and let your imagination to create outfits film.

And can choose to mix super colorful clothes or other patterns and textures, all to help them build a personality style. Same with the shoes, because they can choose from boots, heels and ballerinas to capitalize on the designs and colors of pantyhose.

  • Matching colors in pantyhose

Others that I like are dark and neutral, perfect for those moments in which I have to wear a dress or a tailor, super stylish! For this I recommend you seek the bushier they are perfect and fashion throughout also are the most abrigadas.

And also can put more wave, if this color will add shine and in the glossy tights. They are perfect for making “the look” they were looking to party.

Designs in pantyhose

  • Polka dots in colors

But if you want something more classic and feminine, can opt for polka dots or dots. This model is the one that has secured a firm foothold to complement all outfits you can think of, even the Gothic.

And the best part is that there are many point sizes, from small to XXL. This gives a unique variety, since we have more choices to combine. I, for example, I love the big points that are very strong in the look and highlight my thin legs.

  • Other designs in pantyhose stockings

And they can not lose sight of unconventional designs that provide “that special something” to our looks, for example, the flower that I love, the hearts and other patterns. The variety is endless as to change each day and set a trend in our closet.

You see, you can be warm and very fashionable at the same time. Only thing to create and not be afraid to combine different garments that can give amazing results .

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