Feathered hairstyles for brides

Are you a young bride and looking for something a little unusual? Sure that the feathers (so fashionable accessories today) may be the detail that you give your hair a different style and fashion for your wedding day.

In this note we have gathered several styles of hair , you probably already have seen in magazines and catalogs, but which we believe are appropriate to show off with a feather headdress or detail. Look at our list and tell us what you think in the end!

Incorporated with braids

If you are a bride inspired by European culture, a hairstyle with braid and bun up on either side can help you greatly. There is no particular style or rule to apply but is essential to allow a space between the binding of low bun and braid to put the feather detail.

Try to take this look good subject, try it with your stylist days in advance and make sure it is most appropriate fixative. Remember that at that level, it is much easier than the hairstyle disarmament.

Hairstyles with loops

One of the trendiest hairstyles for weddings in recent years are the loops, a proposal that remains fresh and flirty complications when thinking about that hairstyle for your wedding.

You can play with the theme of the loop, carry loose from the middle of the hair or just on the floor with a lacerated in the bangs. For styling of this type has a large feather headdress, which give more importance to look.

The French bow

The elegant and very common on red carpets in the world, French bun is perfect if you have a long neck and slim and want to look cute and helpless through this. It is a style quite conservative for the time at which you can add a detail risky as a headdress of feathers with silver details. Super chic!

Up style looped

Looks a bit messy but it looks great to recreate a wedding in the garden, in the field or in a place away from your city. The proposal is to bring the feathers along the side just below a loop that falls. It will be quite unusual!

Straight, simple and feathered

You’re a sweetheart little complicated, do not want to make many problems for the matter of style.Do you have a super hair neat and tidy and your wedding will be held on the beach?

A lacerated complete with a headdress of white is great for this occasion I bet that seems to be simple, the idea you find interesting!

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