Cymbeline 2014 bridal gowns collection

Cymbeline wedding dresses 2014 are irresistible! While refinement and perfection, the collection entitled “I love you” plays the card of romance and timeless glamor.

Based on quality, grace and originality, the 2014 collection might look like this:

◊ Women and seductive

Brides will fall for the corseted waists romantic dresses which mixed tulle ruffles and lace from Calais. The sleeves lace Calais give an air of fem-me fa-tales to those who will. With their Calais lace and Chantilly, fluid dresses, sensual and languid give the note of seduction.

Wedding Gowns Cymbeline 2014 - Model Hilda

Dress Cymbeline 2014 – Hilda Model

Bridal Dress Cymbeline 2014 – Model Hero Pearl

Bridal Dress Cymbeline 2014 – Halissia Model

◊ Elegant and glamorous

Dresses masterfully drawn lines and silhouetted satin and Mikado worked divinely draped and pleated amaze feminine and elegant brides. Compelling of Cymbeline house we always do as much effect. This elegant volumes controlled and this mixture of rigor and lightness are enough to seduce married in 2014. Mermaid dresses crepe alternating with silhouettes Calais lace and Chantilly lace skirts to large silk Georgette or soft tulle, have a glamorous spirit.

Bridal Dress Cymbeline 2014 – Hinka Model

Bridal Dress Cymbeline 2014 – Heart Model

◊ Fresh and romantic

The profusion of pleated tulle and satin give these wedding dresses fresh and carefree.Romantic remain dumbfounded before the wedding dresses declining work around ruffled skirts with graphic effects, enhanced by busts of Calais lace. It will be the same face to the princess dress draped asymmetrical lace sheath lace draped pan, models Chantilly low waist wide soft tulle skirt.

Wedding Gowns Cymbeline 2014 - Model Hadda

Bridal Dress Cymbeline 2014 – Model Hadda

Wedding Gowns Cymbeline 2014 - Model Hortense

Bridal Dress Cymbeline 2014 – Hortense Model

Wedding Gowns Cymbeline 2014 - Model Hanae

Bridal Dress Cymbeline 2014 – Hanae Model

Wedding Gowns Cymbeline 2014 - Model Heather

Bridal Dress Cymbeline 2014 – Heather Model

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