How to Make a Party Dress

In this article I will mention in detail some interesting ideas on how to make a party dress.The first thing to do is take your exact measurements with a tape measure and record the averages in a notebook.

It is very important that you measure the exact width of your shoulders and the circumference of the arms to the shoulders.

It is also advisable to always use a pattern so you can make your dress with ease.

Then proceed to buy the fabric you will need and the color you would like to be your beautiful gown.

Along with fabrics is highly recommended that you buy thread, scissors and some needles so you can cook your dress.

The fabrics recommended that you employ to make your party dress are those cotton fabrics.

Then proceed to wash the fabric you’ve purchased with cold water and let it air dry. After the fabric is dry proceed to iron it gently.

Using scissors to cut the fabric proceed, but you should always cut the pieces you order the dress pattern you have.

For example, the party dresses are made ​​of two normal pieces of fabric and sophisticated gowns need more pieces of fabric.

Then place the pattern on the table and he put the fabric you have cut. To set the seams and hem you have to use pins.

Then you start to sew your dress in the machine or you can also cook it by hand. The wire you use must be the same or similar to the color of her dress.

The first thing you are sewing seams and always do it from the inside to jurisdiction, and look great. Immediately proceed to sew the hem.

To make your look more elegant dress should add some embellishment, you can put a belt of the same color of the dress.

You can also your dress a cute zipper, buttons or things haberdashery and so will look very elegant.

It is very important to be creative and design your own prom dress model. You must add embellishments to your dress but always with elegance and style.

The girls do for first time a party dress I recommend you use a pattern as a guide.

So you can make your own prom dress you have to have mono the following materials:

  • Sewing machine
  • Tape
  • Pins
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Template


* When using the sewing machine is highly recommended that you be very careful, because you could hand sew.

* If you do not have a sewing machine, do not worry. You can sew your dress by hand, for that you must use a thimble to prevent you fucking hands.

Below I will share with you for a very interesting video where I show how to make a party dress:

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