2013 Bridal Gowns: types of manga

While we saw the shinedresses.com neckline types to be found in the wedding dresses comes time to learn the seven types of manga that they may have that will assist luzcamos a design that is more or less classical, traditional or modern . Lets see what each has advantages and so choose the one that best suits you.

Although the trend in wedding dresses 2013 will be to take designs that do not have sleeves, or actually just take some simple straps, we must say that we can still find entire collections where each dress has their sleeve as in fact, we can find different kinds of this and that will bring a different style for each model.

Types sleeve wedding dresses:

Long Sleeve Dresses:


  • Long sleeves may be the least common for a wedding dress you want to be completely modern, but the truth is that they are highly recommended for those brides who want to “play” with thetransparencies (currently fashionable trend).
  • We also have to add that they are a type of sleeve that allows the design is much more definite about the body shape of the bride,lengthening it and being very smart.
  • They are also ideal for those brides who celebrate their wedding in winter .

Lantern Sleeve Dresses:


  • This type of manga known as “bluff”, brings a classic style to the whole dress, besides being quite the style “vintage”.
  • Brides wishing to take models that are romantic and also play well with transparencies (precisely on the sleeves); choosing designs can guess how you see in the picture above and also framed much the bust area.

Balloon Sleeve Dresses:


  • It is a type of sleeve that is very similar to lantern sleeve we’ve seen before, but it differs from this because it has a greater volume in the sleeves, so that they have a much more rounded as if with two small balloons in each arm.
  • It is a type of sleeve ideal for brides who want to wear a dress that hasclassic charm and also likes to wear dresses with many details, as this type of sleeves foster highly detailed models.
  • We can also say that the balloon sleeves can take both long sleevemodels to the wrist and the fabric tight and short sleeve models, ideal for long thin arms.

French manga Dresses:


  •  This style of manga continues to be a short sleeve stretched to the elbow or long sleeves shortened to this very point. It allows the same possibilities as the long sleeves and stylized arms will give a lot of play.
  • It is also a kind of ideal for brides manga you please take a model not only classic but also simple.

Bell Sleeve Dresses:


  • The best thing about these dresses is that it has a strong medieval essence. Such sleeves fit the wrist but usually billowing out from this point. Especially recommended for petite as elongate your figure.

Short Sleeve Dresses:


  • This type of hose is always triumphs in the summer, but also in spring to accompany boleros. Usually drawn up playing with the lace.

Sleeveless dresses falls:


  • Sleeveless dresses fall, are perhaps ideal for the most demanding brides, and looking for a manga with personality.
  • Such slips over the shoulders, so you have a fall that brings a lot of sensuality and are much in modern dress designs.

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