Top 10 Hairstyles of brides!

As you prepare for your wedding day and you’re finalizing details in Web of Bride want to help with everything. So now we bring you the best selection of wedding hairstyles, whether you have long hair or short, wavy or straight. My stylist and friend, Sara Ortega, gives you all the tips for this important day. Do not miss it!


1. Braids and waterfalls

For the bride with a romantic and youthful. Fortunately, because the hairstyles with braids are super easy to make, many girls have dared to experiment and create beautiful looks definitely fit every occasion. Sara tells us:

This is one of the most requested hairstyles in the classroom, especially for younger brides, because braids make them look like fairy field, almost angels. And that’s what they want at your wedding, look like angels.


For example, for a ceremony as important as your wedding, glamor and romance is what prevails.To achieve this, Sara reminds you that your hair should have movement and light look, so I recommend that you ask your stylist braids too tight not to be engaged in your hairstyle. Believe it or not, a similar style of Mary Kate Olsen may look much more elegant and glamorous styling stiff and motionless.


Another style that is very fashionable and has braids are everywhere “hairstyles cascade”,which are characterized, as its name suggests, the braided hair falling softly, usually accompanied by waves that complete the relaxed and romantic style. This hairstyle is also perfect for outdoor weddings and spring.


Braids crossing seem elaborate hair, right? The truth is that they are easier than you think, and look beautiful for your wedding. Here is a tutorial for you to try at home and decide if you dare to wear at the ceremony.

2. Bows high

Its elegant simplicity makes them, so the high bows have become favorites of celebrities and bloggers. Almost all famous have worn on the red carpet with high buns, donut-style is the most popular and easy. And if all you have, why not wear it on your wedding? The hair pulled completely back and carried your makeup and let your natural beauty shine.


And do not complicate if you wear a fringe, for that is thicker, will fit perfectly. Moreover, Sara gives another of advice to beautify your bow:

Sometimes some people think that monkeys are very rigid and boring, and while this is not true, if you want to give it a more romantic, you can add a few braids around the bun.


Our specialist recommended we wear this wedding hairstyle in autumn and winter. To give you an idea of how you will look with a high bun, I leave a tutorial to learn to do it at home. You only need half. Yes, half!

3. Classic Bows

Never go out of fashion, even we have seen at the wedding at the Disney Princesses! If you define the words that are “classic and elegant”, this bow is for you.


High, low or side, you choose! What you should not miss on the bow you choose is neatness; unlike hairstyles with braids, for example, this type of monkeys are characterized by apparently very nearly made by artists.

4. The herringbone braid

This is new about wedding hairstyles. We are used to the hair loose or gathered, but a long braid falling gently on the shoulder of the bride can look adorable.


The famous and have used it in their most important ceremonies, and if a tip we draw from all his appearances with herringbone braid, is that this definitely looks even more beautiful when the bride’s hair is considerably long. Hilary Duff looks nothing mmása and Blake Lively.


Retro 5.Recogido

According to Sara, this is a trend that is very strong for this 2013, but will remain in the marriage for almost a lifetime. The essence of these hairstyles are the curls and loops with great shape and glued to the head.


The trick to get the perfect curls in a retro or vintage style hair is platinum arm them with paper.After finishing any hairstyle, stylist should also apply a fixative.



6. Hairstyles with side bangs

The side bangs, side part and also collected and are perfect with her hair down. Remember, the bangs looks better in straight hair.


7. Romantic style

This is also one of the most sought after in the lounge of Sara. Here, waves, braids and semireccogidos are stars. Eye, but avoids refill your hairstyle will look like Sara says, “beauty contest” when the idea is to create a soft, delicate and natural in this important day.


8. Loose Hair

Loose hair is always an option for those brides who feel they do not look good with your hair up.


9. With flowers

More than just a hairstyle, flowers in the hair of the bride are the perfect accessory to achieve that natural and feminine touch. Now you find them in headbands, brooches and headpieces.


10. Twists and knots in the hair

The Giro Gibson is a hairstyle that loves Sara, for being sophisticated and chic without this meaning a high degree of complexity.


Perfection to the maximum that you can learn to achieve in this tutorial .


With these ideas mind, you already have everything you need to look perfect on your wedding day. Choose the one that best suits you and show off.

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