Hairstyles for brides 2013

Having seen what were the best wedding dresses 2013 , now it’s time to start seeing what trends hair take this new year so we can know which hairstyles are best for the wedding day. In we show now the best hairstyles for brides 2013.


Article index:

  1. Collected and braids for brides 2013
  2. Bob for brides 2013
  3. Short hair for brides 2013

Collected for brides 2013:


  • For women with long hair or long hair, bridal hairstyles 2013 that will be carried over are the pickup and in fact it seems that for these Stylin “vintage” like you see in this picture.
  • The collected that are not too high, or are not very marked trend seems they are not, but it’s better go bet on a bun or collected to be placed in the back, with some loose strands and the odd detail shining on her hair.


  • Moreover braids are also a good option for wedding hairstyles 2013, and indeed the cross braid hairstyle and then fall on the shoulder is perhaps the big trend this year not only for you to celebrate your wedding, but even for which you may be invited.

Bob for brides 2013:


  • The bob is a haircut that is very fashionable and if bets hairstyles like this, where the waves are the protagonists. This is actually a nice and simple hairstyle that you can wear on your wedding day.
  • You only have to leave straight hair at the top, in addition to having a bit more volume, while the tips of you waving.


  • On the other hand, if you have curly hair (above) with maybe a bob hairstyle that fits you very well for your wedding day, is the bet curls quite marked, and also to bring some detail in the hair either aheadband, or as we see in the photo, some flowers.

Short hair for brides 2013:


  • Finally I want to give you some ideas of hairstyles for brides 2013 and involving these wear short hair or do not have long hair.
  • Being the fashion toupees for women, and especially if you are young, you can opt for a hairstyle like you see in the image above. A very modern styling, easy to get (back combing) and can also wear a nice wedding dress, for example, “vintage”.


  • On the other hand, we have to say that the waves are not onlyfashion for long hair, as noted above, and that can also carry your wedding and a “look” as smart as we see in this picture; with waves that also closely resemble the hairstyles of the 20’s and it is indeed a style trend.

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