Wedding Style: 4 tips for inspiration!

To each to imagine the wedding of her dreams ...
To each to imagine the wedding of her dreams …

Certainly this is one of the most exciting times of your life and yet engage in the organization of her marriage may soon be a nightmare. Cocktail party or dinner sitting: one chooses what type of wedding reception ? Centerpieces pink or silver? Cake or dessert buffet?Than questions! So to help you see more clearly, here are some tips that you be in tune with your baby and that magical day is to your image.

1. Gather information

Two types of married: first, those who love wedding magazines and, just engaged, have already made ​​their stock! And secondly, those that are completely overwhelmed at the pile of magazines on the newsstands! If you’re one of them, do not panic! Useful piece of advice: Take 20 minutes with your baby, go all in different libraries, browse wedding magazines and look at what you like. Desserts, wedding dresses , wedding decorating ideas .. anything can spend!Then you find and compare what you found. Your tastes are similar? Or are they completely offset?

Your dear and tender love the sleek design, metallic tones and you, you love bright colors and trinkets? Try to find a compromise! He always wanted to get married in a barn of character and you dream of a fairy tale castle version ?! Nothing like to share your personal visions of the great day. If both of you have the same tastes, but it will facilitate decisions for others, do not worry it always comes out of love at all!

2. Take ideas from other marriages

If your date just 20 years (I did not say much!) Probably have you had the opportunity to go to many weddings of friends and relatives? Where do you keep the best memory? Which was the more refined? Your loved ones can not but be flattered if you ask them their address or other service florist .. Also remind yourself what was in some perfect marriages or what you did not like (we went to dinner too late, the photographer did not take any photos of the guests at the table, there was no choir we knew nothing about speech …). There’s nothing like your own experience of weddings each other to make you your opinion! And it is much more expressive than the magazines! This will let you know what you dream to play and unlike what you are sure not to do!

Wedding style: each his own! - Mamazelle
Wedding style: each his own! – Mamazelle

3. Consult an expert

Hiring a wedding planner has a cost and I can easily understand that you do not want add to the bill of that great day. Know all the same as using its services, you will still not ruined!Especially since the wedding planners offer different benefit formulas and have interesting arrangements with providers of wedding gowns, caterers … And they can advise you of quality providers in your area and you avoid the bad surprises! Above all, they are full of good ideas! So for you, I would still tend to find out about the issue!

4. Stay tuned!

How lucky we are to live in an age when internet is literally part of our environment! For the organization of his marriage, which saves time! Nothing better than going to wedding blogs, ask questions on forums , watch online magazines … If you see something you like, especially do not miss out! Internet is full of pictures, info and experts who can guide you to make your wedding ceremony as personal as magical. In short, a special day!

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