Top Advice for Planning a Wedding Around a Holiday

Holidays are very popular for wedding parties, whether you are planning for a long weekend or on your favorite special day. There are certain factors that are unique for getting married on a holiday. Get ready for planning your wedding near a holiday with this best advice. The first and the foremost advice for you is to take care of the timing of the holiday, for making sure that there are maximum number of guests for your wedding.

If you want to plan your wedding on the day of Halloween or on St. Patrick’s Day, it would be naturally requesting to host the occasion on the same date. This means that if you plan your wedding on the St. Patrick’s Day, which happens to come on Wednesday then think how many will attend the wedding for admiring the crystal shamrock and green bouquet and the bridesmaid jewelry gifts? So, it makes more sense if you plan your wedding on the weekend which is closest to the favorite holiday for ensuring that all the important guests will attend the party.

You can’t plan your wedding on the day of Christmas or on Easter, as you are not allowed to celebrate the wedding in the church on these days and the number of guests will be minimum on these days. So, you can plan the wedding in the mid-December as Christmas as the wedding theme, which would be absolutely delightful. Green and red colors form gorgeous shades using extravagant fabrics like tartan and velvet with golden or platinum color threads. Bridesmaids can be dressed in velvet dresses with maroon crystal jewelry gifts along with bouquets attached with holly sprigs in them. Until and unless you plan the wedding on the day which don’t interfere the holiday plans of your guests, they will be very excited to attend the holiday themed wedding.

Some long holidays like the Memorial Day and the Labor Day are very popular for nuptials as most of the guests will have an extra holiday, which is easier for them to travel to the wedding. Moreover, these are not family holidays for celebrating, so they don’t mind to travel to your wedding venue by leaving their town. But, you should always book the venues and the vendors in before hand so that you can relax before your wedding. You should also inform all your guests in advance as they might plan for a holiday trip with the family to their favorite destinations.

Some couples plan their wedding on Valentine’s Day or on 4th of July and incorporate the same kind of theme for the wedding. So, what’s your wedding theme? When are you planning to get your wed? Sit, think, plan and enjoy the special day.


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