Soft bridesmaid dresses

The maid of honor as the second heroine of the wedding day, although not wearing a beautiful wedding, the bride dazzling, but it has also become a beautiful landscape of the wedding scene. Therefore, wearing a bridesmaid dress, modeling point of view, how to create a beautiful maid of honor? We recommend this close soft bridesmaid dress, I hope to help the maid of honor!

The bridesmaids modeling to build tips:

Package into the hands of the big hand

From the small crown of the head

Every detail echoes the bride

A wear accessories pearl best

As maid of honor, should not to vote for the exaggerated accessories, to distracting to look tacky. The bridesmaids can even hang the necklace, wearing a simple pearl earrings. Pearl bridesmaids select the accessories on the election, and the bride’s white silk to match the visual connection. According to the face, the maid of honor can choose different styles of pearl earrings can choose earrings such as a round face, long face, you can choose the sagging style, but not too long.

Second handbag material as possible soft

As maid of honor is the most important one of the props, a decent package is essential.Bridesmaid’s package is necessary to distinguish it from the general package, can not be equated evening bag. With the dress and the atmosphere of the wedding, the bridesmaids of the package material is very important, satin, lace, crystals and other elements is very suitable. Package style to choose the appearance of looking at small, but soft inside, the capacity of the three-dimensional models. Now, some bridesmaid dress rental place has a special handbag, the price is not expensive.

Three small bouquet is tide

Do not think that the only patent of the bride’s bouquet, to observe carefully the wedding of foreign, difficult to find, almost everybody has a bunch of bridesmaids bouquet. Gold fashionable Western-style wedding also refers to the bridesmaid’s bouquet, can create the feeling of the bride, surrounded by flowers. The bride’s bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquet is slightly smaller, the color should not be too eye-catching, the best and the bridesmaid dress to match.

If you do not have bouquets, bridesmaid custom may as well give some flowers bracelet, a beautiful orchid with a delicate bow is also very beautiful.

Hair and bride phase difference

Want to build a “team” feeling, the maid of honor best hair will be united, but also the bride’s hair to distinguish. According to the shape of the bride’s dress, such as the bride disk, bridesmaid can be used to wrap hair. Such as: staffing a flower headband plus there will be a good visual effect. If the bride is the crown-shaped, then the bridesmaids may wish to use a small crown as hair accessories, the same purpose.


The bridesmaids package essential

Mirror: a mirror allows you to keep a good image.

Black hair clip: the veil fall, the first flowers fall … These conditions often reuse old hairpin is not solid, so get one.

Makeup supplies: such as absorbing paper, tissues, lipstick, false eyelashes, and other bride-specific cosmetics. Also, you can prepare a perfume sample, except for the sweat of the day.

Other: combs, hangover medicine, Band-Aids, a napkin and so on.

In addition, in the summer, flowers easily stick, it is best to bring some flowers for the bride modeling for a rainy day.

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