Long Sleeves Evening Dresses 2017

Long sleeved evening dresses have started to earn positions in the current fashion league. This is because, thanks to their design, they allow you to go well warm and at the same time elegant.

Always keep in mind that when opting for a long sleeve you hide part of your body, that is why you can choose a cut that is more seductive.

Long sleeved evening dresses are more meant to be worn in the seasons of the year where it is very cold, but you can also choose a long sleeved evening dress for those days that time plays the snooping as happens in spring.

Long lace sleeves are actually the most used in dresses. The fabric is light and sometimes the embroidery reaches the chest area. You can also find designs of long sleeves with sequin decorations or sparkles ideal for a night of celebration combined with a round neckline.

These designs are also chosen by women who want to hide their arms due to imperfections caused by age or overweight, but who do not want to stop enjoying a very comfortable and feminine clothing such as dresses.

Choose the right fabric for your evening dress. The fabric for the dress has to be chosen taking into account the weather of the city or place where the event is held.

To know your hue, no matter what the tone of your skin, all you have to do is lift the palm of your mana and watch your wrist. If the veins look yellow or green, you have a warm tone. If the veins look blue or purple, you have a cold tone.

If you have cool shades, you’ll look better in cool colors, such as gray, blue and silver. You probably look good too with colors that remind you of the water or the sky.If you have warm nuances, you will look much better with earthy and warm colors, such as dark green, gold and brown.

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