Tips on Picking the Perfect Beach Wedding Gowns

Beach weddings are romantic. The sea, the sky, the sand, all help to create a feeling of romance. Beach weddings are now very popular among brides, though it may take more time and effort to prepare due to the location and weather.  Here I would like to talk about the most important element in a wedding-beach wedding gowns.  Followed are some tips on picking the perfect beach wedding gowns for your big day.

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A beach wedding is offering a vibe of casualness, and perfect beach wedding gowns should too. A well planned beach wedding will live in the memories of your guests forever, and will be your legacy to cherish. Keep it simple and fun and you’ll have the best day of your life, in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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First, keep in mind that a beach wedding gown needs to flow in the wind. If you have your mind set on a beach wedding, you probably find the idea of the breeze and openness appealing. Your dress should fit in nicely with this idea. The most beautiful pictures of beach wedding couples have the bride in her flowing wedding dress, cast in the breeze in a carefree manner. Yours should too.

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Then, beach wedding gowns don’t have tons and tons of add-ons. Light airy fabric usually means less of it too. If you want a wedding dress full of tulle and boning, it may not mesh with a beach wedding. Your dress should be feminine and flowing, sexy and carefree- not structured and prim princess.


As to the wedding accessories, long veils look lovely on a beach. Spring for a longer veil that can flow behind you in the wind on the shore. This will look fantastic in your wedding photos, and really capture the essence of a wedding at the beach. Bare feet, or feet in slippers, is a better idea than fancy heels. You’ll want to be able to walk around and enjoy the sand between your toes. You’ll want to run along the water’s edge on your wedding day at the beach. Isn’t that what a beach wedding is all about? Don’t wear heels or over-the-top shoes. Barefoot is the best option.

Keep in mind these tips when searching for your perfect beach wedding gown, and you will get what you are expecting on your big day – a romantic, casual but sacred beach wedding!


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