Linen in summer

ropa blanca en verano2 Ropa blanca en verano
It’s a classic color that represents purity, minimalism, elegance and peace. The white color is a proposal that we look at many times during the warmer months of the year or during the winter season.So if you’re doing the traditional change of wardrobe, replacing your winter wardrobe for clothes and accessories and summer cooler, do not forget to include the target to any of your looks.

Versatile color that favors any woman and that will help us highlight our beautiful tan, and we can also look at the most special and romantic evenings, to go to the beach or go to our office. Any excuse can be good to choose white as the star of any outfit.

ropa blanca en verano1 Ropa blanca en verano
Is our favorite fashion proposal? The white dress Ibiza, a trend that is always cutting edge and you can not lose. Maxi version, with beads, embroidery detail or subtle transparencies, the dress is a staple of our summer wardrobe.

Another of our favorite pieces is the white blouse with ruffles or embroidery, or dress shirt-type, you can look with practical jeans or dress pants. The white cardigan, shirt or other clothing blazer are essential during halftime season.

But you can also opt for the white in your accessories, with a handbag and shoes in this color. Choose your preferred fashion proposal but do not give up the style with a sleek, versatile and timeless, that any woman should have in your wardrobe.

Grab any of these clothes and get ready to set a trend among your friends. You can visit the shops ofZara, H & M or Promod, where you’ll find some clothes with prices extremely affordable.

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