How to decorate my cell phone?

The cell phones were no longer just phones long ago. We communicate with important people, take photos, send messages, we are in our social networks, play and, if not enough, use them as accessories.

Above all we, who love to customize everything , we look for accessories to add, a sticker or case that goes with our lifestyle and personality, and I always decorate at will.

So today I bring you some ideas so they can decorate and find accessories for their phones, they’ll love and will not stop collecting them. Let’s meet them!

Some cases for cell

  • Case Embroidery

The cases are always needed, not only for decoration but to protect our equipment and stylish. So I did a search for models that I call more attention, the good thing is that there are always different models available to everyone and by everyone. For example, this model seemed charming, because it has a mesh so that we can embroider any model we like with an effect of 8 bits, is not it great?

  • Case fun

And these models with the concept of “cute” will love it, have shapes that simulate super sweet chocolates and sweet things, always trying to get around and imitating how other objects. A very good choice for those wanting a fun and playful proposal.

  • Case with glitter

This is a classic for all the girls who like glitter and consists of a package of parts that mimic a flare. Can come can come loose or grouped to form a definite figure. Just try to find out if the glue is reliable with no problems if you ever want to switch to another type of decoration .

  • Cases female

And these models are a bit hard to find, but if we may encounter. It is based around the concept of floral and ornate, but they also have punched that give a softer look. Ideal for protecting our smart phones and easy to clean.

  • Simple Case

This model is the most classic, super simple and practical, it is best that we can supplement to any other option, if not find another case more ornate and so complete the design they have in mind.

  • Animal case

And for those who are more adventurous and like to give a personality to their phones,there are the cases that mimic the shapes of animals. The rabbit is one of the most famous and funny there. The most innovative is that the tail serves as a stud.

Cellular Accessories

  • Creative Headphones

And if they find most useful elements to their phones and at the same time, give them lots of personality, there headphones today are so varied that they can choose between colors, shapes, materials and more, as these that mimic the old phones.

  • Special Buttons

And if you just want to add a detail, is the choice of stickers that will change the whole look. To add one or thousands, will have the option to spice up their phones. Ideal for mobile and we always want to renew.

  • Different studs

This type of studs will be super helpful if they use their phones as much book or to write your notes in style. Very original is placed under tension only.

  • Hanging female

They can also add little things hanging to adorn not only serve but also to hold them. They are like jewelry for your appliances and there are thousands of models like these are very bright, plastic, with lights and different ways.

I leave you with a video so they can make a cover to their phones, and become more beautiful and safe:

The choices are endless, they will be able to try all the different models out there and so it is best to play and will complement your style and technological accessories are good.

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