Four Things your Wedding Shoes Must Have

Because you want your wedding to be perfect in every way, it is important to pay close attention to your choice in wedding shoes.


Though seemingly one of the little things about your wedding, less worrisome than say the cake or where to seat everyone, wedding shoes are just as important for many different reasons. Think of everything you will be doing in these shoes. You will do things like:
• Dance
• Walk Down The Aisle
• Take Photographs
• Greet Attendees
• Cut your Cake

With everything you have to do in your wedding shoes, it is extremely important that you take great care in choosing the right shoes. Therefore, here are four things that your wedding shoes must have.



If your wedding shoes are not comfortable, you will find that spending that many hours in them and doing all the things you must do at your wedding to be unbearable. While looks are important as well, comfort should be at the top of your list of things you wedding shoes must have. Try them on, walk around the store, could you see yourself spending hours in these particular shoes?

Heel Height

The height of the heel on your wedding shoes makes all the difference in the world. In most cases, your shoe type should be picked out before you even have your wedding dress fitted. This is because the dress is fitted around the shoes. Stilettos are often the highest pair of heels you can get, if you do not wear these often, it is best to go with ballet slipper, kitten heels, or platform shoes. It is not a wise idea to choose stilettos if you are not used to wearing them.

Fabric Type

You do not have to go with the traditional fabric of wedding shoes, such as satin or silk. Your wedding shoes can be of any fabric you would like. However, make sure that you have the wedding shoes done, if they have to be customized, before the dress fitting.


Your wedding shoes must portray your style. Not only your personal style, but also the style of the wedding itself and your wedding dress. You do not have to conform to tradition; it is after all your wedding. Make sure your wedding shoes fit your style in every way. Remember, it is your day.

You Must Try Them On

It is not good to buy a pair of wedding shoes without trying them on. What happens if that style does not fit right? What if you are not comfortable in these shoes? Then you will have to start all over again. It is best to try on your wedding shoes in the exact same environment as your wedding will be. For example, because you will be on your feet during the day of your wedding, it is best to try on your shoes after being on your feet all day.

The more you are on your feet, the larger your feet become due to swelling, so this is when you should try on your wedding shoes. Furthermore, if you are wearing hose or stockings during your wedding, these should be worn when trying on the shoes as well.

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