Cosmetic Surgery Before Marriage No Way!

Want to raise your chest before marriage?
Want to raise your chest before marriage?

The other day, meeting an old girlfriend who is in full preparations for her wedding, one arrives at an interesting conversation, a discussion which was the inspiration for this article!My friend tells me the preparations for her wedding to be held in six months and, like any bride, his main interest is to be radiant that day and that day is going wonderfully. I am sure of this, of course, but no … Being at the top on her wedding day is something that the stress more than anything.

His lack of confidence is due to an old complex that has dragged on for a long time and complicating preparations for the D-Day. This complex is on the size of her chest. His family and friends did everything to prove to him that it was in his head and that it was not a surgeon who was to come to grips with this complex. Everything seemed back to normal, except with the organization of marriage this old complex has resurfaced. His obsession: to resort to cosmetic surgery before marriage.

Around him, we are really concerned because we think this is risky, but more importantly, unnecessary. Believe me, one such operation is something very serious and no bride should do that in the rush of pre-marriage. There are many other ways to shine on the wedding day.By choosing a wedding dress for your chest , your chest will look great! Need inspiration?The wedding dresses 2012 and our selection of wedding dresses 2013 should please you!

The hair and makeup for the bride 2012 are also largely responsible for the overall look. Feel free to discuss here !

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