Converse clothing collection Spring-Summer 2012

coleccion de ropa converse primavera verano 2012 Colección de ropa Converse primavera verano 2012
Practical, youth and superb design. So is any of the articles of Converse for spring-summer 2012, a collection that not only includes a wide variety of shoes but also a lot of clothes that look great to come in day to day.

Want to know the proposals of the mark for the season? Then we tell you which way the shots this season, so stay with nostras five minutes and discover the new women’s collection for the brand.

In the collection of the mark for the season are all kinds of comfortable and practical clothing such as shorts or pants, T-shirts or ties, jackets and dresses until we come fresh phenomenal during the hot summer days.

coleccion de ropa converse primavera verano 20122 Colección de ropa Converse primavera verano 2012
Any one of them acquires a youthful and carefree style, ideal for daily wear or for those weekends where you want to get rid of formalism style you wear to the office: looks sailor style, floral prints or paintings, illustrations, designs ( characters, animals, etc..) and even the great phrases or brand logo as the main protagonist.

The range of colors that make up the collection also helps to achieve this happy spring style, which is that it can find from the basic black and white to pastel colors (pink, green, roasted, etc..) Or sailor type (which combines blue, red and white).

Here we leave some of the images of the first lookbook of the collection, but if you want to see it in full it is best that you go through the official website of the brand.

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