Pepa Loves collection spring-summer 2012

Pepa Loves collection spring-summer 2012
We presenting collections of all firms for this season with the intention that you choose when to make your shopping spring to renew the closet. In this case it is Pepa Loves, who presented a collection very romantic and naive, where you can find spots, lace, pastel colors, bows and Peter Pan collars.

Each of the articles of the new collection stands out for its freshness, originality and a roll casually for day to day more cheerful to the more sensual night.

Within the collection includes T-shirts with various prints, like moles, and birds hatched, reasons that we have seen in other designers this season. We also see small Eiffel Towers to celebrate the seventy most Parisians. We also offer bows in many of their garments, we can find in different colors: orange, red, turquoise, black or white.

You can combine your funny t-shirts with shorts or shorts, with the news that this year the high-waist present in highly colored versions. This is a very feminine garment that gives a touch youthful and sexy. In addition, Pepa Loves brings different types of skirts, from the balloon style and fit at the waist, to whom they are placed at the hip to convey a casual look.

As for dresses, find it very casual, ideal for use during normal days, with a line happy, fun and colorful.Furthermore, the firm also offers us a more formal with lace details or bluff sleeves, very suitable for special events and parties.

Finally, the collection of Pepa Loves jackets or blouses offers, with details of loops, with opening system or cleavage.

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