Yesterday, through Facebook, one of our readers, Marlene, we proposed that write about wedding dresses for second

marriage with matching hair touched. As we love to do us different propositions, here’s the note!

The style, ambiance, staging, and others are very different in a religious wedding or church, a civil marriage or remarriage. Both the bridal look should be consistent with the circumstances of time and situation.

Therefore, wedding dresses for civil wedding or remarriage should be more languid and floaty, without so many contrasts of volume and of course, better not take a long tail.

Fulfilling all of these assumptions, we find precisely the Soft by Rosa Clara collection 2014 offers us light dresses, feminine and refined, but not manufactured in large volumes and subtle and delicate fabrics like guipure lace, voile silk, tulle cheesecloth or silk embroidery.

As headdresses and hair accessories, they take discrete details but intensely romantic as hairpins or crystal mesh headbands. All details were inspired by nature such as leaves, petals or other flower types.

Wedding dresses for civil wedding or remarriage. Soft by Rosa Clara collection 2014.

6 thoughts on “CIVIL WEDDING DRESSES OR REMARRIAGE Wedding Dresses

  1. Loved the dresses in this article, and now I am obsessed with the dress that is pictured first, second, and last (it’s the same dress). Please tell me you can give me the information on where it is sold or where I can find it!! Thank you so much!

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