Every time I see a wedding dress with pockets, I remember her from my grandmother. She loved and she went out without a garment that did not have them! So on this note I going to let me get a little melancholy and dedicate it to her, Rosy, my grandmother.

A mid-twentieth century worked as a seamstress in a factory of ‘haute couture’ of Barcelona. One of those where the ladies of the high society of the time were tailored suits and custom made fashion shows.

But for her, my idea, a suit was not finished if not wearing their highest pertienentes seam pockets to be. Such was his passion for this piece of fabric sewn into each garment.

So when I saw the new collection of wedding dresses Rosa Clara full of models with their loved pockets, I thought: ‘T his is what I have to devote to it.’

And beyond what many may think, on the subject of practical and functional, I think are also very chic and perfect to go down the aisle. Is it a family thing?

Wedding dresses with pockets 2014 photos:

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