8 tips for the beauty of the bride

Jewelry, hair and makeup for the bride: Tips to pay less! - Photo credit: Fran Russo
Jewelry, hair and makeup for the bride: Tips to pay less! – Photo credit: Fran Russo

In the middle of your wedding, perhaps you’re on the lookout for good deals to limit your budget … while focusing on quality! Brides, focus on your beauty! Makeup, hair and jewelry of the bride, here are our eight tips to pay less while being at it’s best D-Day!

♦ Makeup

1. Be a guinea pig in beauty schools. They always look at you and you will enjoy preferred rates.
2. Make your own makeup after attending free courses in specialty stores where you have previously purchased all necessary equipment.

♦ Hair

1. Also be a guinea pig in hairdressing schools that work the same way that beauty schools.
2. Ask around if anyone knows a hairdresser to get a nice hairstyle for less.
3. Signs include hair, makeup and nail care. Look if there is one near you to benefit from an all-inclusive services instead of three, in three different shops.

♦ Jewelry

1. Like accessories, shops offer beautiful standard models at low prices.
2. Some retailers even offer jewelry to make yourself kit form.
3. Enjoy again the sales periods!

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