Advancement of spring-summer collection 2012 Primark

Less than a week after the start of the winter sales season 2012 clothing collections months are beginning to lose interest to give prominence to the cool, colorful and spring garments with the marks for the new season.

The fashion brand Primark low-cost has been quick to do, and their prices are so low that for many more worthwhile buying season clothes in it that some outfits for sale in other stores … So, prices are still less!

Want to know what the new season brings as Primark? Here we leave a first step, do not miss it!

Vintage trends seem to form the basis of the collection for the coming months in the flagship stores, which is that the catalog offers fully inspired garments in the past decades: sixties style sheer dresses, shirts with collars cool classic type and to high-waisted pants well above the hips, for example.

If that was not enough, most of these retro style clothing using fabrics and patterns typical of years ago as the floral (which became fashionable in recent years) or long and colorful polka dots so typical of the 80.

The colors also break completely with the trends of recent months is that as they say ‘in spring disrupts blood’ and our closet begins to clamor to change the darker tones and muted color and the sweetest cake which is based in the collection (yellow, turquoise, salmon, etc..).

These images belong to the catalog of Primark for the UK, so we’ll see whether or not to come to our stores in Spain.