Ballet shoes for weddings, bridal comfort assured!

Weddings today are full of news. In addition to special topics and locations, today is customary to keep a shoe different, much more convenient and simple but very elegant called flat shoes. Do you know how to wear?

A few days ago I received an email from a friend in which he told me he was getting married soon and how happy he was with the arrival of the date, she had thought about a wedding on the beach, where she met her husband and just then told me about this trend, although it seems little glamorous, has very good reception.

Ballet shoes: Elegant and flirty

Ballerinas, dancers, flats or simply comfortable shoes and ideal for any occasion. White, Carolina Herrera and Polo, are just three famous brands found in this design a good excuse to exploit its thousands of designs, colors and textures are also can be found in many places: from the most exclusive designer stores to markets and squares with imitation models that have nothing to envy to the originals.

If you do not know what shoes you will use for the day of the wedding ceremony, I recommend you choose one of these models. Be very useful to impart some youthful romantic and the photo shoot and will undoubtedly cause a good impression among the guests.

Types of flat shoes for weddings

  • Manoletinas bright for weddings

The classic flats specially designed for your wedding day. A model white with beaded detailaround the top and a tiny heel. Try to design your dress shoes let the look, maybe something a little up in the front will be ideal.

  • Color manoletinas

They give the avant-garde style to weddings of young couples trying to break a bit with the scheme and the solemnity of the heels white or ivory. You can wear shoes in yellow, red, green, blue or in combination with the color you chose for your decor, for example. Surely no one can stop commenting on this election.

  • Customizable manoletinas

Another nice idea and more “crazy” may be wearing shoes. The famous brand Pretty Ballerinashave thought some kind manoletinas board where anyone can write.

The pair comes with three special markers in black, purple and red, with which the guests canleave autographs and special messages to the newlyweds. You can place them in a special place and ask people to write their deepest desires in a word or short phrase on them.

  • Ballet shoes with pearls

It says a lot about using the beads for a wedding, however, the myth that represent tears or sadness could not overshadow its elegance and predilection. If you were looking for ways to wear pearls on your dress, you can opt for these flat shoes. The black bow detail, the combination withsmall stones of gold and pearls of various sizes, s make them a unique design.

  • Flowers with applications manoletinas

Probably one of the hottest new designs and processed within the proposed flat shoes. They have the detail that makes them unique and even ostentatious.

If you want to wear shoes to be comfortable and stylish as possible, this is the option for you otherwise use any of the models that are along this post. What are your favorites?

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