Understanding the Meaning of Wedding Flowers!!

Flower, one of the most beautiful creature of God, plays a very significant role in weddings too. The beauty of the wedding flower spreads its beauty all over and gives a heavenly touch to the atmosphere. Well, you might have decided your wedding flowers for decoration by now. But, do you know that each of the flowers have their own meaning. Yes, and there is a hidden meaning of each of the flowers you have selected too.

The flowers that you use to decorate the wedding hall represent the personalities of both the bride and the groom. This is why you need to be very careful while selecting the flower bouquets. And what can be a better way in this case than to understand the meaning of the different wedding flowers. Here are the meaning of some very popular flowers used in weddings.

1.Camellia- The long lasting nature and uniform shape of the flower represents devotion. It is used to express passion, desire and also refinement. The flower also symbolizes perfection. The flower fulfills all the wishes that you are expecting for your partner.

2.Daffodil- This flower symbolizes good faith, truthfulness, honesty and forgiveness. You know very well that, these factors are very much essential for a healthy relationship. By adding this flower for decoration, you can show your everlasting faith on your partner.

3.Rose- There are so many colors of rose and the meaning also varies with every color. But, as a common meaning, this beautiful flower represents deep love, courage, balance and concentration. You can use this flower to show your serious intents towards making the relation and your future a success.

4.Sunflower- The way this flower makes a move along with the sun, it shows a deep reflection of spiritual nature and its faith in god. This flower is granted as a symbol of good luck which can make your married life filled with happiness and pleasure.

5.Chrysanthemums- There are different meanings for each of the three types of this flower. The red one means love, the white ones mean truth and the yellow one means slighted love.

There are so many other flowers that can be used to express your feelings. You need to make a good combination of all those flowers and enrich the wedding hall with the scent of love and affection. Besides keeping in mind the meaning of the flowers, you should also give special attention towards arranging them with a proper color combination.

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