Look hair down, elegant hairstyles:easy to make

Just letting our hair, women can see us more radiant than any other most elaborate hairstyle. Also, if you have a very good hair care and healthy, teach you how to make hair super sleek and simple! wearing your hair loose and a few little details.

There are many ways to have a beautiful and healthy hair. With certain hair treatments and good care, we can achieve today having dreamed that hair we see on TV and magazines. In other cases, some do not need creams or treatments, and truth, are the envy of all. Do you find within these select groups? Then consider yourself one of the lucky ones who need it may not look complex hairstyles charming, just as with the texture, shine and hair loss, they succeed in spades.

So pay attention, because then I will show in this paper, some ways to take your hair down to show with everything. They are not hard to do and the results are guaranteed.


The toupee is one of those little details that, with very little effort, they manage to transport us to a new era in fashion. Remember how the most rebellious of the 50 used their toupees much Vaseline? But now these cute hairstyles, reminiscent of rock n ‘roll past, but with much more glamor.

The best thing is that it’s the easiest to do, just simply a fixer, a brush and some hair clips.Therefore, it is the most used hairstyle celebrities who do not delay or 15 minutes to let them. Just a matter of beating the front of your hair, then pull back a good section that will cover the mess.Watch Shakira and her look glamorous.

If you’re not doing toupees expert, here’s a super detailed video to learn to do them.

Waves in hair

If you have fluffy hair like me, or if your hair is straight, this is a good choice to wear a hairstyle natural super cute. If you have wavy hair, you could take your natural waves, but my advice is that, in all ways you give shape to your hair with mousse or some other product.

This video is Bubz beauty, a Trome about hair and hair care. This time, teaches us how to make a super cute and fast waves.

Total Lazio

Straight hair, but I mean the super straight, is one of the easiest ways to waste elegance. If you choose to wear your hair straight with a commitment as a cocktail, try this laciado case of very good quality . Remember that there is nothing worse than a bad hair done.

As an example, we have the singer Taylor Swift, who has shown his great sense of fashion through simple clothes that define his style as anything pretentious or extravagant. If you want to be chic and simple in style inspired!

Natural headbands and braids

To not wear your hair completely to the wind and without any accessories, why not make your own hair accessory? Previously, we tell you all the ways you can braid your hair , but now we tell you that you can use them for something more formal event. Braid your hair like a headband, and instantly get a romantic look.

The braids are famous for ceremonies including mega important! Just look at Jennifer Aniston and Hayden Panettiere. Like them, try not to stress your hair long, do not want to look like the Joker.

Semi collected

On the other hand, if you feel your hair needs some control, opt for a semi collected, in which the top of your hair will be more than safe. Take it with waves or totally straight hair, either way you look great. Look at this this other video that teach you quickly to make a semi collected very practical and elegant.

You see, you have many options to show off your hair down with all its splendor. Whether an appointment for an elegant or casual output. Take your hair as a model of impact without fear, that with these hairstyles easy, you’ll be the envy of all.

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