How To Avoid Ending Up With Dreaded Bridesmaid Dresses

When one is singled out as a bridesmaid, the nightmare begins. Bridesmaids have to buy the bridesmaid dresses they’ll have to wear only once and on duress. Thankfully, this is going out of style and bridesmaids are getting to enjoy their fashionable dresses without spending a dime.

The Dreaded Dresses are Passe

Ask the sorority of ex-bridesmaids about their experiences with their bridesmaid dresses, and you’ll have an earful of embarrassing stories of having to wear dresses colorful as Easter eggs, or dresses that revealed their wide rears, broad shoulders, and flabby arms.

The dreaded dresses were usually look-alike ensembles of unmentionable colors and prints. The point was bridesmaids were extensions of the wedding theme and therefore, their dresses had to be identical in cut, color, and design; hence, having different shapes for each of the bridesmaid was unheard of. The bridesmaid could not complain, even if they had to pay for the bridesmaid dresses or monstrosities they would never wear again, much less think about.

But the dreaded dresses are on the way out. Brides are realizing the folly of coercing their bridesmaids to spend for dresses they never want to see again. Luckily for everybody, designers have come up with fashionable bridal outfits and have incorporated new trends, unusual but lovely colors, color coordinates, and the combination of elegant fabrics.

Going out of style are the bridesmaid dresses with wallpaper patterns, gothic colors, shiny and shimmering fabrics that accentuated body flaws, and those oh so puffy sleeves and other quaint artifacts of another age that sent young women to murderous rages.

lilac short bridesmaid dresses

Shopping For Bridesmaid Dresses

Brides are surprised that shopping for the dresses for the girls can be as critical as buying the bridal gown. Shopping for the dresses can be fun yet exhausting, so before you set out, make a checklist of the details and make sure that everybody’s choices are clearly specified.

These tips will help you avoid ending up with unsuitable dresses:

* Together with your friends, check out the latest wedding fashion magazines.
* You can choose the color and length of the dress, but let them choose the style.
* Have all the girls fit the gowns before making an order and let them choose the dresses.
* Check out the fabrics and the design of the dresses, especially if these come with big discounts.
* Before making a final order, make sure that all measurements are accurate.
* If gowns are to be rented, personally check each piece of clothing for any stains or defect prior to delivery, so there won’t be any arguments or misunderstandings later on.

To gauge how well you’ve done with the bridesmaid dresses, answer this question honestly – would you like to wear the dress again? If you’ve answered yes, you’ve selected an outfit they’ll be proud to wear anywhere.

Your bridesmaids will feel the same way if you’ve given them the flexibility to choose a color, cut, or style that would balance their figures and complexion and emphasize their individuality.

Friends First and Bridesmaids Next

Friends will go to lengths to please you, so go the extra mile to choose the bridesmaid dresses that wouldn’t put your friendships to the test. Your friends will be there for you and jump through hoops to make your wedding a memorable one.

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