Cibeles Madrid Wedding Dresses 2012

cibeles madrid vestidos de novia 20122 Cibeles Madrid vestidos de novia 2012
If you will soon walk down the aisle and you do not know the best news in wedding dresses for next season, you better stay with us to review the most prominent proposals that have passed through the Cibeles Madrid girlfriends.

Wedding dresses with many contrasts where awaits a romantic and discreet, but also some original clothing and risky. From the bride most classic to the most innovative and daring.

cibeles madrid vestidos de novia 20121 Cibeles Madrid vestidos de novia 2012
Bare shoulders, necklines heart, strapless or halter neckline have been the stars of the Cibeles Madrid.As far as colors are concerned, the big names in 2012-2013 will be blank in different versions and ivory.

And speaking of materials, do not forget the tulle, silk, satin and organza have been the preferred choice of designers where designers have participated such as Hannibal Laguna, Devota & Lomba, Ana Torres and Jorge Terra, among others.

As regards ornamental details include embroidery, hand-made drawings, stone inlays, and for the most demanding, the Swarovski crystals. All these ornaments are the perfect culmination of your dress, that is a delight to make your pledge, a work of art for the most special day of your life.

Despite the great innovations and fashion proposals that have passed through the Cibeles, the most romantic brides succeed again another season. And if you could not attend this important event with special bridal fashion, check out the images that accompany our article today and be inspired by the outfits that have passed through Cibeles Madrid Brides 2012.

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