Always impeccable: 10 Secrets that are known to every stylish girl

Each of us has an ideal example before his eyes, seemed to be a girl: always nicely dressed, with impeccable hair and makeup. And it’s not a fairy godmother!

We have collected 10 secrets that are known to every stylish girl, and are ready to share them with you. And there is no magic!

Do not rush
Every day you wake up after 40 minutes after the alarm clock, frantically (and probably uneven) to paint eyes while sipping from a cup of coffee and pulling on the first available jeans and a t-shirt, and then all day angry one of his reflection in the mirror? Afford to spend on your morning routine as much time as you need, or prepare your outfit the night before. Otherwise your outfit has all chances to become questionable.

Oh, how tempting and looks nice blend coat with open world graceful ankles and pumps, or even better – concise sandals! But, unfortunately, our weather conditions are such that walking in this way, we can only a couple of weeks a year. In the summer, even on the assumption that it is completely cool, you feel hot, and winter … Probably will not be about sad (namely, that will, if you go with bare feet on the cold in January).

Of course, we do not suggest you walk around in a bathing suit in July through the streets, and in the winter wearing only fur coat. But watch out for the relevance of your image with respect to weather and time of year is not just important, but necessary.

No mess!
The order in the closet – the cornerstone for any fashionista. Why? The answer is simple: the time that you spend on fees directly related to what is happening in your wardrobe. If it is impossible to find anything, it is not surprising that you have nothing to wear all the time.

Therefore urgently assorted wardrobe, get rid of what has long gone out of fashion, and the things that you do not wear: in a neat wardrobe you can hang out all the image and at the same time to calculate the “hole” that must be filled.

Style is more important than trends
Follow the fashion trends, of course, important and necessary, but with an eye to whether a particular trend suits. If all around wear pajamas and look at them no worse than Kate Moss on the red carpet, and you’re the only one in the style of lingerie looks more Bridget Jones with a hangover, then it is not your story.

The key point during the shopping should be not only the relevance of things, but its combination with your looks.

image Detail
Details, details, details – tirelessly repeat to all women of fashion critics and journalists. But the majority still neglect the accessories at a time when one-piece right focus can easily make your way at times interesting.

Fancy decorations, silk scarf or a narrow scarf, thin leather gloves, a fur stole or a funny key chain to a bag – always owning a stylish and fun accessories!

Size range
A truly stylish woman always buys things its size – no more (oversize and large size – different things) and no less (and no, you do not get thin tomorrow suddenly two sizes and vlezesh in these jeans, believe me). But if a coat or a dress you sunk into the soul, it is considered a variant with a studio: possible thing you can adjust the size.

Do not forget about care
If you are lucky to find Ideal-sitting, jeans or Te most pumps, definitely worth a try to extend the life of your favorite things. The more carefully you’ll take care of your wardrobe, the more to save money on shopping.

However, how you come to the question of the care of things, also depends on the overall impression of your image – carelessness never looks stylish.

Proper underwear
Lingerie – not just a “layer” between clothing and skin. The way you sit on clothing, depends on you right picks linen or not. And do not forget that in this matter also has its tricks – take note!

If you can not spend enough time on your morning routine, try to prepare the way for the next day before. Just twist the half-hour in the evening in front of the mirror and picked a pair outfit that best fit the mood. Just hang them in a prominent place, and – voila! – Stress-free morning will not take long.

Pierian spring
There is nothing wrong to be inspired by the images of the recognized icons of style, not necessarily because of their “word for word quote.” Look to the stellar fashionistas, whose style appeals to you, and the best outfit – certainly you’ll find a lot of simple but effective ideas for future fashion outlets!

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