Accessories To Wear With Red Dress

A cute red dress is an impressive fashion, but if you use it correctly, able to create a seductive and classic look.When choosing accessories for use with your dress, opt for simple pieces that give contrast and to make them a little more interesting, without attracting too much attention.

Think Monochrome

Use a cute black belt. Try to choose a belt that stretches to not look like a belt to be used with pants. Belts make her look the most classic dress and highlight the good curves.

Combines various shades of red. A bright red dress would be overwhelming if you use the same tone throughout your wardrobe. Instead, you use different shades of red to create a contrast while retaining the same scheme.

dressed-de-moda2Opt for a low heels or burgundy. The color of wine is deep to mimic the classic look of black, but it gives your feet a subtle touch of color.

Keep things bright with a patent leather shoes. If you are a woman who has a bold personality, you have to choose a bold shoes. The shiny patent leather adds to your foot a vestige of brightness.

Search jewelry with red stones. Opt for garnets or rubies. The leaden mounts give a torso appearance, while gold and silver have a classic charm.


Earrings and rings used more than necklaces. Bracelets, rings and earrings ever are on top of the dress and can be admired. Long earrings and necklaces can be on your gown and red stones can be harmonized with red fabric.

Carrying a small bag. Even if you have an assembly with multiple red pieces, you have to keep things in good tone. For example a big red bag can lose a lot of red. Therefore, it is best to choose a small red bag, primarily a tone that varies with your dress.

Keep your subtle accessories. Many red accessories can be confusing sight.Therefore, you have to limit your jewelry to 1 or 2 pieces and avoids any accessory that looks great.


Create a turn with other colors

Opt for pink. Pink is a pale red. Remember, not all shades of pink harmonize with all shades of red, so you must be very careful. I recommend that you carefully examine and compare one accessory before using it with your red dress.

  • If you do not know where to start, try pink or avocado jewelry in silver shoes with metal rose.

Be the life of the party using primary colors. He is wearing a cute bag with red, yellow and blue colors that harmonize with blue shoes or simple yellow earrings.

  • This only works for party dresses and casual dresses, but maybe a lot for a semi-formal or formal event.


Choose patterns that include the color red. This works as long as the red ton harmonize with red dress. Use a scarf with red stripes and violets, or a nice waist band having an abstract design in red and orange.

Choose a topic “American.” To Fighters Day or Independence Day, put on your red dress with a nice dark blue belt. Armonízalos with sandals and white earrings or new earrings with a little flag.



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