What You Need to Know About Blonde Hair

Within the melting pot of genes due to earth migration as well as the evolution of mankind, the natural blonde is inevitably a dying breed and will probably be replaced by darker-haired, darker-skinned races.

But thanks to chemistry rather than parentage the blonde goddess will never leave the catwalk, cinema screen, celebrity magazines or indeed your very own hair identity.

As far back as Roman times blonde hair has been the subject of fascination. Historically, natural blonde hair is associated with Nordic heritage. From Roman to Venetian and Renaissance art, and in more recent times, the golden vamps of Hollywood and bottle-blonde rock stars, blondes have ruled the colour charts, symbolizing effervescence and youthfulness. Marilyn Monroe would not be the same without her blonde ‘do’ and now she lives on eternally as the patron saint of peroxide.

Women have always been dissatisfied with hair colour and history shows us time and time again how people have experimented with hair lightening and facial hair removal for women, from the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks, Hebrews, Persians and Chinese.

Golden hair tumbles through just about every fairytale and bedtime story, from Rapunzel to Alice in Wonderland to Cinderella. It is no wonder we are all fascinated by blondes.

Blonde has a language all of its own and can be powerful, cool, brash, innocent, fragile, dizzy, raunchy and glamorous. The female stars of Hitchcock and Bond movies are littered with blondes, and the worlds of music, art and fashion are inhabited by any number of blondes, from sex kittens to fashion queens, power blondes, back hair removal for men and blonde icons. Blonde ambition is it!

The blonde may well be the subject of a million dumb blonde jokes, and style commentators may think blonde cheap but any blonde backlash is only ever temporary. In surveys 59% of women said they’d prefer to be blonde and those that kick the habit keep going back. Those that try a few strands always cry for more – it’s like a drug! Blondes comes in all sizes, the sophisticated blonde, the glamorous blonde, the Ibiza sun-kissed blonde, the power blonde, trailer trash blonde or Swedish porn star blonde – there is a blonde for everyone! Get more information at: Hair removal cream for men.

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