What should be noted for a pregnant mother bride?

Some people say that marriage is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life, also said: the pregnant woman is the most beautiful. Have such beautiful double identity bride at the wedding to be especially careful. Pregnancy weddings are a major test at the mother and the health of the fetus. Expectant mothers how to safely do the most beautiful bride?


The details of the wedding to pay others RBI
The wedding process best left to the family, friends or wedding design, do not charge too much heart. Try not to let the wedding process too cumbersome, time not too long, but also a substantial action should to avoid for the pregnant bride.

dress for Pregnant bride

Maintain a good mood
Wedding day to congratulate friends and family, to our mothers bride to ask a variety of matters, some from care, some just curiosity. The bride must adjust their attitude, big enough to accept you for the concern and told, we are also holding the blessing mind to attend the wedding. So the bride had to maintain a good mood the successful completion of the wedding.

Best not to wear high heels
The bride is best not to wear high heels is best to wear shoes heels at the height of 2 cm.The heel is too high will increase the burden of the pregnant women, waist and feet, low back pain aggravated pregnant women. Even usually used to wear high-heeled shoes, nor yet for your beautiful Figure few seconds to the detriment of their own health.

Pregnant bride

Do not stand for a long time
Wedding day may need to stand standing welcome to send Bin, the bride can find a comfortable chair, guests can quickly sat down to rest, so as not to be too tired.

Do not drink alcohol
The fine can irritate or harm her unborn child, the wedding day of wine on the table, do not know a friend may also urging people to drink, ahead of the best wine will be replaced by other drinks taste close to the. Toast to the guests, the best juice or drink substituted. You can also handed over to the groom or best man bridesmaids on behalf of the drink.

Pay attention to safety
Wedding Exalted case will be more lively and crowded. The bride needs to own a lot of attention to all aspects of security, be sure to protect yourself, because our stomach With a little life.

Pay attention to rest
A full day of the wedding process smooth finish also requires a lot of physical strength, so with a pregnant bride need to pay attention to rest. Avoid starting too early, stay up late too.

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