Tips:How To Dress for A Short Girl

All information collected in this post, it is especially for all the short women. If you are one of these women, then do not miss the tips that I mention below.

Absolutely all the short women should know that today, there are items that should not be used, but there are items that should always be.Items that are not favorable for smaller women, make the body or figure look smaller than it is now.

Therefore, it is very important to learn that clothing which we use and set aside. Accordingly, I recommend that you take note of the following important tips for short women.

Pumps. This type of shoes are perfect for all short women because we make it look more stylish and high. I suggest that you choose shoes that have 10 cm heels and if you’re not accustomed to using this type of footwear, then choose to use platforms.

Vertical striped pants. Currently this very fashionable wear pants that contain vertical stripes, especially for smaller women. Vertical stripes stylize your figure, your legs will look thinner and longer. So do not be afraid to use clothes with vertical stripes and stay away from horizontal stripes.

tips de belleza tendencia 2014 prendas adecuadas  moda femenina V neckline. Not all councils current fashion for short women are concentrated in leg lengthening. Because we can also look taller using V-neck shirts, these garments make the neck look slim and also lengthen the torso.

Wear high shot. Many shops in the world can find shorts, pants and skirts and high-waisted. These garments are very favorable for women of small stature, because they help visually lengthen the legs. All clothing must be worn high shot with beautiful heels and thus can create a perfect look for your short stature.

tips de belleza tendencia 2014 prendas adecuadas  moda femenina Skirts and short dresses . Most favorable to women are tiny skirts and short dresses , but always try to keep the length of the dress or skirt reaches the knee. For instance; if the length of the dress or skirt is lengthened more, that’s for sure shorten your legs and smaller making it seem.

Combining similar colors. For styling the body, extending our figure and hides our short legs, must dress in one color or we simply combine similar colors.

tips de belleza tendencia 2014 prendas adecuadas  moda femenina Say no to long skirts. These garments are comfortable, cute and are currently fashionable. The downside is that these clothes are not all favorable for smaller women, because most dwarf Fig. For instance; a long skirt that reaches the floor and do not even use estilizará heels you’ll always small.

Say no to fishermen pants. Mainly these pants are enlarged below the knee and shorter legs. Therefore, the short women should not wear this type of pants, because they will be smaller.

tips de belleza tendencia 2014 prendas adecuadas  moda femenina Half boots. The calf-length boots are not recommended for small women because shorter legs and make them look small. It is better than short women wear boots knee boots or even heel height.

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