Tips for a happy marriage

Once the wedding and honeymoon past , begin your married life. The principle is that your relationship lasts for a lifetime, here are some things to consider to get there! And even if there is no magic formula, these tips will help you have a happy marriage and understand what you are experiencing.

Marriage: the beginning of a new life together.

For the majority of psychologists, harmonious coexistence depends on many factors. Of course, the lovers will have to spend all caps, then nothing as to prepare in advance.

First step: the state of love. We feel that everything is beautiful and magical when we are with our half. During this period, we tend to accept everything the other, but the passion turns and moves to another stage in a few months. Sometimes a period of “disillusionment” in which we can feel a certain boredom, irritation or anger towards her husband. In these moments, it is easy to blame the other and say: “This is not the man (or woman) I married.”At this point, the key is the dialogue. Not easy indeed know how to interpret the desires, fears and irritations our spouse. Everyone has his sensitivity, then nothing like to discuss.

Dialogue and communication are the keys to a successful marriage.

Second step: the desire to fight. There the two members of couples strive to make their half”back to the way forward” (or as they imagine it was). It is a period which may be difficult for the two because both are discovered as individuals but also as lovers. It is a mutual awareness during which the couple realizes that they should not erase their individuality.They must mutually understand and accept that everyone has his freedom and his temperament.

Clinging to stereotypes, it can be explained as follows: men have difficulty perceiving feelings and think that if there is not enough promiscuity, the couple will loosen, unlike Women need their independence to breathe and give more to their relationship.

The right balance between freedom and promiscuity is the secret of a happy marriage.

To conclude, nothing more simple: moving away too much of our spouse, will move a distance but choking each other, fly freedom of weight. Love is a serene balance between intimacy and independence. Accept her lover (is) in the different self-knowing is the key!

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