Tips: Choosing a Mother of the Bride Dress

It is important to attend the marriage of his daughter with the mother of the bride dresses. There are many mother of the bride dresses available, but took the best is flattering really a great and difficult task. Here are some steps for you to avoid the pitfalls.

Choosing your mother of the bride dresses can seem daunting. You are not the center of attention however there will be eyes on you and certain expectations to be met.

Pants suit or dress?

A wedding day can be a long day, exciting, enjoyable but long! Choosing an outfit that you are comfortable in is as important as making the correct impact on the day.

There are pros and cons for choosing a pants suit over a dress, long dress over a knee-length or a casual outfit over a more formal one but in the end comfort has to be a factor.

The color of your outfit will also be a consideration. Do you complement or match the bridesmaids and bridal party? Do you tie in with the overall color scheme? Or do you go your own way. These are considerations to be discussed with the bride however your comfort should remain upper most in your mind.

Shoes, to heel or not to heel?

If you are anything like me you will feel glamorous in a heel but – they can be very uncomfortable. Many people now provide wedding flip-flops at the reception to relieve sore. tired feet which allow you to keep enjoying the night.

Your shoes should obviously complement your outfit and quite possibly the time of year will determine the style.

Hat vs Fascinator

A wedding is a fabulous excuse for a hat or fascinator and these days there is a huge choice including the hybrid, hatinator. As the mother of the bride you can be as flamboyant or as subtle as you choose.

Fascinators can be attached using a headband or a clip. You hairstyle will be a factor in which of these will suit you best. It’s a good idea to discuss which to choose and how to wear it with your hairdresser. They should be able to style your hair and pop your fascinator or hat on as a practice for the big day.

Bags and accessories

Generally speaking a clutch is normal for evening although a larger bag can be useful for daytime so a wedding bag has to really be all-encompassing. What size you choose can depend on a number of factors such as time of year, your personal preference and believe it or not the venue.

To me clutch bags are summery whereas over the shoulder is more wintery but that’s just me. You might find that your daughter will need you to carry some of her stuff like tissues, mobile, lipstick etc. so that should be a consideration when you are making your choice.

If you are staying overnight in the venue where the reception is being held then bear in mind you will have a room and easy access to it throughout the evening event. This can reduce the amount of items you need to carry around such as touch up makeup, extra tissues or perfume.

Your accessories should complement your outfit and be ‘you’ if you understand what I mean. Don’t go too chunky or bejewelled if that’s simply not your personal style. Understated jewelry can look fabulous.

When all is said and done the mother of the bride is a very important role on the wedding day and you should take time to make sure you enjoy every moment of it. You have probably spent a huge amount of time helping, organizing and preparing for this day so reap your rewards.

As you start to gather your outfit, shoes, bags and other accessories always bear in mind that there will be photographs and people will be looking at you. You don’t want to look back at photos and see your ‘I’m uncomfortable’ face.

Buying online is always a great option and today so many companies offer great returns policies that it makes sense to order a few different styles and try them on in the comfort of your own home in the knowledge that you can send some or all of them back.

You can also make a day of it and visit a variety of suitable shops and try on a range of outfits utilizing the advice and guidance of the shop assistant.

Choose you outfit and accessories carefully, give your self plenty of time to get organized and above all else enjoy this most special of days.

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