Surprises and the ego of the MBFWM

Madonna wearing headdress.
During this day one of the most talked-news is that this better than talk about the crisis has been the spectacle of the Super Bowl starring Madonna, simulating the appearance of a kind of Cleopatra with his entourage in the field during Rest of the final. Blonde Ambition, when we all wondered where he had gotten, has again shown that is still going strong (even at 53 years) and that nobody will take the throne. Aside from leaving all stunned with the pace of a show over 15 minutes, Madonna has given images for posterity wearing a Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci signed and created exclusively for this event: a dress inspired by classical Roman and Egyptian , in cape and a helmet-crown consists of hand-sewn crystals.

Apart from the show between shows, you have to rewind a bit back and review the closure clasp MBFWM with the fourteenth edition of EGO, where young talents, the new creative force of Spanish fashion, which could tread made stronger if they more hollow-presented their proposals. A bunch of designers took to the catwalk their stunning collections for autumn-winter 2012/2013 and including Moses Nieto won the award L’Oréal for its collection inspired Virginia convents, in white, black and brown, filled of religious imagery and a rigorous preparation. Congratulations on getting a needle Unlike classical reminiscences.

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