Styling Tips for Trench coat with dresses

Women are all about fashion. From dresses for women to the outerwear of women, the style gets change continuously. For a lady being the spotlight is not that difficult. All you need is to know about being fashionable is to look at what fits you and what is trendy. For example, nowadays the trench coats are very stylish.

Trench coats are light, practical and work from all day long to the night. Trench coats look superb whether you wore it over a sweater, jeans, or even over a short black dress. From runways to roads trench coats are everywhere. The trench coat is all around and one of the essential piece of cloth that a woman’s wardrobe must have. Trench coats are incredibly versatile. Whether you are wearing sneakers, bikers, stilettos, or sandals, they go with every footwear. When you do not figure out what to wear than consider to wear a trench coat, it is being said, when in doubt wear a trench coat.

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Which Trench Coat one should buy?

One should consider fabric, color, and length of trench coat before making a purchase. Here is a guide on what type of fabric, color, pattern,  and length is suitable to all kind of looks.

Look for the Fabric

The trench coat like a leather biker jacket is one of the expensive fashion side and the most iconic fashion investment that proves to be the best lifetime purchase ever. However, fabric like wool and fur is also good to keep you warm and fashionable at the same time.

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Look for colors

Also, go for primary colors while buying a trench coat. Basic colors like nudes, blacks, or whites go on top of everything that you wore. French women of every age wore trench coats with flair and style. Look for a traditional trench coat that has a knot. Trench coats with buckle give a royal touch to your personality.

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Look for length

There are three basic length types for trench coats. The short, medium and the long.

•    Short length: Short length trench coat falls right on your hips. If you want to wear a short trench coat, then go for a midi dress underneath. This type of look would be best for party wear. But if you are going for a casual look then do wear a short shirt underneath and jeans to complete your look with a small length trench coat.

•    Medium length: Medium length ranges from knees length to 5 inches above knees. If the underneath layer of your dress is shorter than your knees then go for a longer trench coat or if your dress is longer than your knees than go for a shorter trench coat length.

•    Long length: Long length trench coat almost covers up your whole body. We recommend wearing a short shirt underneath if your trench coat is open in the front. Also, consider wearing high heels to give a royal aesthetic.

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Look for pattern

Patterns were all over the runways women’s trench coats. Go for one color check during office meetings. If you are going for a friend’s meet-ups, then go for colorful patterns. Every wardrobe of women should have a basic check pattern trench coat. They would be good for casual meet-ups to formal occasions.

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