Spring-Summer 2012 Fashion Colors

Missing a couple of days until spring officially and all signatures and stores that have “shown their cards” in the face of the new season. In recent weeks I have presented many of the collections, catalogs and more will be look boks in the spring-summer, and today I would like to show one of the catalogs I got in the last days.

This is the catalog of Springfield and is marked by a youthful urban character and certainly succeed in the coming months. Like all companies in the In ditex group, Springfield also follows many trends to offer all its customers what more you wear, always with a great variety of brands, designs and styles so you have much choice. Today I would like to show women’s garments which have been included in this catalog, noting the important details:

– Apparel: A special mention, especially, short dresses, as you can find lots of designs, shapes and colors. You can also find plenty of shorts, tops, shirts and even jackets ideal for this time of year you can usually get hot but cool when evening falls. The denim shorts are the most prevalent in this collection.

– Design: There are a variety of cuts and styles, highlighting the tight garments and classic but it is very fashionable. Many prints in all the clothes, especially dresses. Notable patterns of stripes and flowers, both major players certainly every summer.

– Color: All color trends are present in this collection. On one side are the pastel colors that appear on all garments to get sober and simple styling. Furthermore, color block, for the most risky and you’ll find shades like orange, fuchsia and other equally striking.

– Fabrics: Denim is still the king of all collections of Springfield, and you can find in pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, shirts and jackets. A cowboy look is very cool throughout the year and especially in the summer season.

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