Simple advice for a perfect wedding hairstyle 2014

For those who marry in 2013-2014, this is an important tip for your bridal hairstyle. No doubt you want to inspire you through photos, probably you lean on your hair, your face … but maybe are there any something you ignore and yet has an important role in the perfect outfit for the bridal hairstyle . The haircut degraded, is THE perfect haircut because it allows all! Hairstyle with smooth hair, semi-curly, curly.

It’s fine to let your hair grow, but still degraded because if the hair is cut straight, any movement that wants to give them, like a ripple or simply brushing will eventually dissipate over the hours. And of course it is not that we dream for our big day.

Regardless of the mass of hair you have, if they are cut gradient we can do wonders. It is important that the different layers of the gradient starting from the root and go to the ends.The ideal is to have between 5 and 6 layers, and even 8 depending on the length of hair.

In short: Let your hair grow and cut the gradient! It is essential to have a wedding hairstyle on top. In the same way that the canvas of a painting, if the database is not good, it will be very difficult to have a good record.

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