Shades of colors for your wedding decoration 2013

Shades of colors for your wedding decorations. Photo: Jaime Gles
Shades of colors for your wedding decorations. Photo: Jaime Gles

What colors do you use for your wedding decoration 2013 ? If you have several ideas in mind and you do not know what to choose, then I can only recommend that you play the shades of colors. So you can enjoy all your favorite colors the Day!

Pink wedding decor. Photo: Karine-Cb RazvanPhotography

Pink wedding decor. Photo: Karine-Cb Razvan Photo graphy

This mode is to combine bright colors to recreate the joy and the euphoria of the event. A trend that all brides want to adopt.

Bright colors for your wedding décoation. Photo: Aline Machado

Wedding decoration colors. Photo: Patricia Figueroa

Bold and elegant way to combine the yellow, green and orange, is not it? Why not combine turquoise towels? Believe me, your guests will have eyes!

Colorful flowers for your wedding decorations. Photo: Sweet Little Photographs PH

A colorful floral decoration. Photo: Sarah Culver

Flowers and petals. Photo: Wirken Photography.

Romantic floral decoration and spring. Photo: KT Merry Photography.

Flee the traditional in your marriage and bet on a rainbow of colors for your decor. Want to know more about trends wedding decoration 2013 ? And for fans of hand-made, these four simple DIY to decorate your wedding should please you. Share your ideas and opinions here!

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