Retro style wedding

When a woman decides to marry, before it opens a vast world of possibilities as far as their style is concerned. Formerly chose a classic white dress and you’re almost all like princesses, but the truth is that today there are a variety of styles to choose from for your bridal look fully fit your personality.

Today I would like to recommend a retro style wedding, which is one that is inspired by fashion from the 50 to 80 but that the more among the better you will be 50-70. It is a very feminine style, sophisticated and elegant, so if you want something original for your wedding look this will be a great success. Take note of these tips to get a retro style wedding:

– The clear inspiration are 50-60 years thanks to great divas of cinema that belonged to that era, such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth and Grace Kelly. They all went down in history not only their careers but also have elegance, style and personality overwhelming.

– Hairstyle: You have many options as your hair and what you like for that day. If you can bet bob water wave (Marilyn style), if you have over your hair style also Rita Hayworth waves, whereas if you want something more than you can opt for a princess Italian bun like Grace Kelly. A short veil like the one pictured is the perfect complement to wear this style in the head.

– Makeup: Getting it retro style is very sencillito. You will carry a base that you leave the very white skin, getting a perfect eyeliner, red lips well defined and false eyelashes or, if you have long, many more face lashes to stand out.

– Dresses: Going back to the great divas you mentioned before, if you want a princess style like Audrey Grace or choose a dress that has a square neckline and wide strap. Should mark you much the waist and the skirt is wide with a knee-length. I prefer something sexy like that would take Rita and Marilyn, opt for a tight dress that has a neck corset and the skirt is a tube (or knee or to the feet).

– Footwear: Shoes that best will be the high heel with a rounded tip but will look great with some peep toes, you basically have to take account of the dress to know what you’ll do better. Try to have some details such as buckles, bows or jewels.

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