Primark Spring-Summer Catalog 2012

There are still a couple of months to start the spring-summer but all firms are now only prepared their collections and many of them are already in stores a little preview of them. One is to Primark, which has achieved a complete collection in the following all kinds of trends.

Primark is one of the best boutiques and applied trends of them offers more variety, so if you’re a fashion addict is imperative that you pass by a store to keep an eye on the clothes and take the catalog to analyze it in detail. Takes note of the details of the collection spring-summer Primark:

– Dresses: They are certainly one of the big bets of the firm and you can find in many shapes, designs and colors, from cool tones to the warmest. Many dresses and prints, florals emphasizing of course, a success when spring arrives.

– Forms: Of the many forms that have all the clothes I would highlight the dresses and skirts, asymmetrical cut, which depending on where you look you see differently. Undoubtedly one of the major trends of the year.

– Lace and transparencies: Inspired by the vintage style that both sweeps this year, both the socket and the transparencies have a strong presence in this collection, especially in dresses and blouses that get a great touch of sensuality.

– Clothing: As always, a variety of all forms and in different tissues and both dresses as skirts, pants, shorts, shirts, blouses, tops and jackets. I really like fishing pants are designed for this collection.

– Colors: Of course, highlights the color block, the big trend of the year as far as colors are concerned but very soon pastel shades. With all you get looks amazing.

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