Party of 15 ideas for decorating:outdoor flowers, topiaries

Do your people and you are planning a garden to make it big? As important as choosing a garden is to know how you’re going to decorate.

In this note I show more fun and modern alternatives that put the magic touch and all that is doing very well on an occasion like this. Topiaries, flowers, and lanterns of paper honeycombs are four good options that you’ll be delighted.

Decorate your 15 fun way!

I remember several years ago, it was very important how you will decorate your fifteen, no matter what elements you used so much but the color you’ve chosen for this important celebration.

Today the opposite happens: the color does not matter much but the way you present the site and supports a wide variety of tones.

For a party of 15 decorating outdoors is highly recommended to use thousands of colors, so you choose is less complicated and have fun doing all sorts of combinations. As an example of the proposal I leave this image that has placed a suspension …

Besides being important to decorate the “roofs” and walls is essential to enhance the image of the tables through the set. For outdoor parties, building on the grass and green lanterns can be used instead, honeycombs and even rose petals scattered interchangeably.

Party of 15 with topiaries of flowers

They are the novelty of any kind of event and are very elegant at the entrance to the party, as a centerpiece or as supplements to the main table. Develop them can be a difficult job but you can hire a specialist to be responsible. The cost is average, but the elegance that will add to your party of 15 will have been worthwhile.

I came looking for an image that reveals, in a way, the secret of how to make a real Topiaries,simulating flowers through crepe paper. If res very good at these things and have time to prepare everything, take pieces of crepe paper of 20 cm each and 1 cm thick. Roll forming flowers and gather a good amount to put together a Styrofoam base.

Do you like these ideas? Would you serve!

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