Original ideas for your wedding 2013

Want to do something different in your wedding, it comes out of the typical church ceremony, or in court, and the entire protocol banquet wedding ? Facing the most important day of your life there are many different options that can serve to give ideas for every aspect of your wedding a special touch. I have some.


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  4. Original ideas for banquet
  5. Original photos for wedding
  6. Vintage Dress
  7. Unusual gifts at the wedding
  8. Honeymoon
  9. Original Wedding Video

Traditional weddings or perhaps you are entirely predictable, are certainly ideal for couples who want a wedding completely planned, but the truth is that we have a festive and it gets out of the norm and a good startbachelor / to be original .

Original bachelor party:

  • If you are tired of the typical goodbyes that are limited to a show, dinner and drinks, do not worry, you have plenty of options to celebrate, together or separately, that you marry.
  • If you love the sea, why not a weekend you rent a sailboat and pass a few days along the coast, making every port a party, in the corner of the world you most want? One of the most requested routes is the one from Denia to Ibiza on a weekend so it’s a good idea to prepare for marriage.
  • Another good option, ideal for adrenaline before the wedding and enjoy with your friends, is organizing an adventure trip for a weekend, as you propose Travel with Imagination: a night of terror with all your friends, in a themed cottage, in which a team of actors and careful preparation will make you spend a night of death.
  • In case you’re looking for a more spiritual farewell at City Yoga you prepared a special plan to spend an afternoon with your friends: a yoga class just for you, a massage and a juice, all very zen.

Original invitations for the wedding:

  • You can also innovate in the subject of invitations: rather than entrust them to a printer, why do not you write by hand, personalizing them according to whom they are addressed? The result will be much more personal and closer. In addition, you can include in each invitation a memory or a story you’ve lived with the person for whom it is intended, you will feel that you have taken the trouble to write to him exclusively. And best of all, you will spend a long time writing and spare yourselves money.
  • If you love technology can also make a blog or web journal or create a site where guests can see all the wedding details: date, location, map of the celebration, wedding list, guest book … and even after the wedding, you can post pics for anyone who wants to download them.Surely you appreciate it!
  • You can also draw on the social networks and open a Facebook group to which all guests can go adding.

Original ideas for the ceremony

  • If you are bold and original, and the idea of ​​getting married in a church or in court seems too traditional, you have many other options for your wedding to have an original and memorable, both for you and for your guests.
  • How about getting married at sea? Along the Spanish coast there are companies dedicated to renting catamarans, motor yachts and sailboats for weddings. You can do it in an intimate way by renting a small boat or something “bigger” celebrating a mini cruise a couple of days.

Original ideas for the banquet:

  • Perhaps you fancy doing something different at the banquet, which leaves the typical meal followed by open bar and dancing. One option might be fun to do a theme wedding, in which everything isacclimated to the way that you like and suits your personality: decor, costumes, menu, favors, invitations, music and more.
  • Facing the open bar time, if you want your guests are mouth-watering can opt for a chocolate fountain, which I prepared with chunks of fruit, waffles, clouds, and other sweets cut profiteroles, sweeten your day. Each guest can take with chopsticks pieces of fruit and sweets you feel hungry, and give them a bath with milk or white chocolate.Irresistible!
  • Another option is to make the open bar with a different concept: anopen bar will be perfect chill out among the guests if there are many young people and if celebrating the wedding outdoors, the result is spectacular: petite beds and tables, cocktails, lights and music to last.
  • If the idea appeals to you, you can contact a specialist catering, they will take care to prepare an open bar special. Our recommendation: to make your open bar even more original and chic: contratadbartending service, you will not regret.

Original photos for the wedding:

  • Finally, you can buy disposable cameras and place one at each table to pick them up after all. The photos of the guests are usually much more fun and endearing than the photographer, comprobaréis to reveal!

Vintage Dress:

  • If you take time looking dress and can not find anything original, perhaps the solution is closer than you think. Look at the photos of theold family albums, perhaps with a few tweaks the suit that led your mother or even your grandmother on, whether you are looking for.
  • You will also have a sentimental value that would have just bought a dress, and could become a family tradition! Once you have the dress in your hands just take it to a dressmaker, and do with it what arrangements need and what changes you would like to incorporate.

Unusual gifts at the wedding:

  • No more glass or ceramic figurines and sweets. If you want to surprise your guests with a gift that they really like and remind you, there are many ideas that may come in handy, and that will make the delivery of gifts a special moment.
  • The range of options is immense, depends on the budget you have, and the type of gift that ye do. You can hire a couple of cartoonists or portrait, like those you see in the parks and squares, to make caricatures of all the guests, will be a memory that will keep and always remind them of your wedding day.
  • Another idea, you could do yourself, is to burn a CD with your favorite songs, design a cover and bring the original reminder to any site that copied these discs, and hand them to the guests. In addition, you can use the CD as background music during the banquet.
  • You can also buy handmade soaps, besides being beautiful smell great. The packaged individually labeled reminder that you want.They have many shapes and smells, sure you find one that you like.


  • Can there be a destination for your honeymoon better than the world? Gives you the Star Alliance Round the World Fare: one ticket with which you can travel wherever you want, with a duration of ten days to one year Over 155 countries, with a minimum of 3 stops and a maximum of 15 and with the possibility of traveling in economy, business and first.
  • Egypt is a classic destination for honeymoon, but certainly in no trip enjoy both of her charms as the clock set in the Imagination tripswith. On this trip, which combines tourism with intrigue, adventure and fun, besides knowing Egypt partakers in an investigation into a mysterious tomb, which will be developed throughout the country. The tour combines a stay in Cairo with a Nile cruise Discover the mystery!

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