Oksana Mukha Collection 2014 Wedding Dresses

Model Olimpia – Oksana Mukha

2014 is truly a incredibly inventive year on wedding dresses. The creators are full of ideas to fill us. Oksana Mukha proposes a model discovery while sweetness and light, like the day you will take the famous “Yes.”

2014 trends in creating Oksana Mukha in

Many customizations as confides Océane Oksana Mukha Nguyen Paris, “young brides arrive with several fetishes and models often end up doing a” mix “between two dresses, add sleeves, remove the crystals if they ever find dresses too “provided” etc … “Customizable models, where the spotlight is left to your creativity.

Model Fernanda – Oksana Mukha

The most popular models

Maryland, Jennifer and Goldi for robes. Goldi, shown below, is a stunning strapless dress with a beautiful lace effect, white, both elegant and suggestive.

Model Goldi – Oksana Mukha

In short dress, I present the Lisca model, which is a huge success. Perfect for a wedding in the summer, for a young and dynamic bride.

The materials used for making dresses bride Oksana Mukha

There is mainly the presence of silk tulle, silk taffeta, lace Calais for the main, but I have seen the use of a wide variety of fabrics.

Model Delara – Oksana Mukha

Other Information

Oksana Mukha also offers a new collection of Cocktail dresses, mainly in tulle and silk taffeta, with a palette of more than a little appeal colors. Here is a first look!

Oksana Mukha

You can find details of the Parisian boutique Oksana Mukha below, so do not hesitate to organize a small meeting of fittings to find inspiration for your wedding dress.

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